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Hey Stupid: Instead of a Real Job,

 Get Yourself an Unreal Job!

Real Jobs Are for Losers!


Career Success and Personal Freedom - You Can Have Both!

Career success is much more than having a real job and earning a decent income Real career success is truly enjoying what you do for a living and having the personal freedom to perform your work virtually any time you want.

UnrealJob.com shows you how and at the same time challenges and inspires you to:

  • Create your own dream job or operate an unconventional business.
  • Find your own important mission, true calling, or passionate pursuit with which you can make a great living.
  • Gain courage to escape the corporate world so that you don't have to spend the rest of your life trapped in a cubicle.
  • Be creative and have fun in your work.
  • Restructure your life so that it has meaning, direction, and joy.
  • Take charge of your physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being.
  • Experience true personal freedom in all areas of your life.
  • Above all, get the most out of your life - personally and professionally!

The Unrealjob.com Website is for those millions of "organizationally averse" people who would like to break free of corporate life so that they have complete control over their lives.

On the many UnrealJob.com webpages you will read about several ordinary individuals who have attained extraordinary success without a real job.

It will also benefit the millions of baby-boomer "retirees" who want to continue working, but not in a traditional corporate setting.

Regardless of what profession you are in, you may want to leave your line of work for something better. Particularly if you were intensely drawn to this website, a corporation is likely not the best place for you to hang out for the rest of your work life.

International best-selling author Ernie Zelinski, whose books have sold over 650,000 copies worldwide, also uses experiences from his own life to show how the powerful success principles on the webpages within can help you joyfully avoid the shackles of the corporate world for the rest of your life.

On one of the webpages you will find a work model for people who like Ernie Zelinski are too prosperous to do mornings and want to make money while they sleep.

This truly is the career website for people too smart to work in corporations!

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand.
 - Woodrow Wilson

Getting a job and trading your time for money may seem like a good idea. There’s only one problem with it. It’s stupid! It’s the stupidest way you can possibly generate income! This is truly income for dummies.
- Steve Pavlina, Author Personal Development for Smart People

The purpose of UnrealJob.com is to inspire people like you to reclaim their creativity, their freedom, and their lives.

Following the principles advocated on Unrealjob.com will help you live an extraordinary lifestyle that is the envy of the corporate world.

Trust me, there is no life like it!

Throughout this website I use the term “unreal job,” which is loosely defined as any work you joyfully perform for a living with a lot of flexibility in your working hours, rather than a traditional job, which requires that you work in a rigid corporate environment with fixed hours.

I also talk about starting an “unconventional business,” which requires few or no employees, has low start-up costs, and does not demand that you work the long hours that a traditional business you to create a much more rewarding lifestyle for yourself.  

I’m a copywriter for an ad agency. It involves being a total asshole. I do it for the money, it’s easy and horrible. I do nothing good for society.
- American worker Isabelle Kuprin talking about her job, in a book The Great Divide by the legendary Studs Terkel 

You will have to change your thinking, however. Not only a bit - totally! Money, material possessions, and secure jobs don’t make the world go around for truly successful individuals. What does? Purpose! Family! Friends! Challenging projects! Creative satisfaction! Job gratification! Spiritual fulfillment! And, above all, personal freedom!

This leads us into a major premise of this website: You can’t be genuinely prosperous unless you have personal freedom. You will have attained true freedom in this world when you can get up in the morning when you want to get up; go to sleep when you want to go to sleep; and in the interval, work and play at the things you want to work and play at - all at your own pace.

The great news is that not having a real job - and creating your own unreal job instead - allows you the opportunity to attain this freedom.

If you are still not in the least way dissuaded from reading further, you already have enough presence of mind to recognize that career success and happiness are possible without having a real job. Obviously your aim is much higher than simply working at a conventional job, and you believe in being paid for your creative results rather than actual time spent in a cubicle or office.

Keep exploring the many resources on Unrealjob.com - this gets much better!!!!

 Being Average Is for Losers -
That's Why You Should Quit Right Now!

One of my my favorite books, which I read this year, is The Dip by Seth Godin:

One of the more important principles that Seth Godin emphasizes is: Being Average Is for Losers - That's Why You Should Quit Your Job Now.

Here are some more of Seth's important success principles from the book.

  • Winners quit all the time. They quit the right stuff at the right time.
  • Winners win big time because the marketplace loves a winner.
  • Most people quit. They just don't quit successfully.
  • You need to quit. Not soon, but right now.
  • The biggest obstacle to life is our inability to quit soon enough.
  • In a competitive world, adversity is your ally.
  • Being better than 98 percent of the competition used to be fine. In the world of Google, though, it's useless. 
  • If you are not going to get to #1, you might as well quit right now.
  • You're Astonishing - How Dare You Waste It!

  Career Success Without a Real Job

The Career Book For People Too Smart to Work in Corporations

Career Success Without a Real Job Image #A 

 The Lifestyle You Can Lead When You Follow the Success Principles

of Career Success Without a Real Job

The Joys of a Truly Unconventional Lifestyle That Come with Having an Unreal Job or Dream Career:

  • You don't have to obey your superiors because you don't have any (except, perhaps, your spouse). 
  • Instead of having to deal with the tyranny of corporate bosses, you
    can be the master of your own destiny.
  • You don't have to spend three hours each day thinking of creative
    ways to kill your boss and co-workers.
  • You don't have to ever hear that awful word "teamwork" or the equally awful phrase "being a team player". As someone once said, "Teamwork is a boss telling a bunch of mindless idiots to do their work all in the same regimented way." 
  • You no longer have to deal with jerks and idiots in the workplace;
    indeed, you can now enjoy a jerk-free and idiot-free environment.
  • No more going to a corporate office on Monday morning and hearing
    co-workers ask each other that mundane question "How was your weekend?" followed by answers such as "It was fine." Fact is, you never did care whether your co-workers enjoyed their weekends.
  • You can wake up at 9:30 on weekday mornings, take a look outside your front window, observe that all your neighbors' cars are gone having taken them to work where their workday will be filled with idiot co-workers,
    useless meetings, and other toxic experiences. You can then go back
    to bed for a most enjoyable half-hour sleep as a reward for being
    so much more prosperous than your neighbors.
  • It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon on a work day, the sun is shining,
    and you're itching to spend the rest of the afternoon outdoors - so
    this is exactly what you do, unlike corporate workers who have to
    spend their time imprisoned in a cubicle, working at a lousy job.
  • No more ridiculous training programs in which seminar presenters try
    to force you to read cheesy books such as Who Moved My Cheese? (that are totally useless for the creatively ambitious and the organizationally averse).
  • You no longer have to be politically correct; instead you can speak
    your true convictions.
  • If you get thrown out of the coffee bar where you work for being politically  incorrect, you can always find a funkier coffee bar in which to hang out. 
  • You can't help but feel superior to mass of corporate humanity because you know with certainty that you don't need a corporation to spoon feed you with a job and take care of you with their health plan. 
  • You can spend a part of your four-hour work day creating funky, controversial, and profitable websites like this one instead of doing mundane office work eight or more hours a day. 
  • You will see how much credit you really do deserve for everything you have created. Put another way, any and every creative accomplishment is your own and you don't have to deal with co-workers or bosses making absurd maddening claims upon your creative accomplishments as happens in most workplaces. 
  • Your professional attire is a pair of shorts, sandals, and a T-shirt
    with "Leisureologist: My Job Is Having Fun" written on it.

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Career Book for People Too Smart to Work in Corporations  

Just one great idea can change your life dramatically.
Look for it.
It's there somewhere!
- from The Career Book for People Too Smart to Work in Corporations by Ernie Zelinski 

I believe you are your work. Don’t trade the stuff of your life, time, for nothing more than dollars. That’s a rotten bargain.
- Rita Mae Brown

If you hate your job, of all the thirty-seven alternatives, running away is best.
- Unknown wise person

Know the moment when to work diligently.
Even more important, know the moment when not to work, but to relax and play instead.
This will not only benefit you immensely, but also will astonish your friends and competitors.
- from The Lazy Person's Guide to Success: How to Get What You Want Without Killing Yourself for It

When it comes to making more money, most people look at the world
and see the same opportunities they’ve seen before: typically, a job.
Because they don’t awaken their mind and expand their vision, they
don’t see other opportunities. Yet opportunities do exist. So how
do you change your thinking so you can see them? One way to jolt the brain out of its preconceived category thinking is to bombard it with new experiences.
- Joe Vitale

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable
the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with finer
spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world.
 You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand.
 - Woodrow Wilson

Consider this carefully.
If you are working more than eight hours a day, you are in the wrong job.
Either that - or you are doing it wrong.
- from Career Success Without a Real Job by Ernie Zelinski 


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