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How Do I Find an Unreal Job

or My Dream Career?

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Below is an e-mail from Jose, a reader  of Real Success Without a Real Job (now called  Career Success without a Real Job), who read the career book and is wondering, "How do I find my unreal job of dream career?"

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From: "Jose Rodriguez"
To: Ernie Zelinski
Sent: Monday, June 21, 2010 11:48 AM
Subject: Real Success

Hi, Mr. Zelinski:

I recently read your book, Real Success Without a Real Job (now called Career Success without a Real Job) and found it very inspiring.

I think you’re good writer no matter what you say to the contrary.

I’m a 56 year old Puerto Rican American male who’s never known what he was
passionate about.

When I was younger I thought I wanted to be rock musician. Even though I don’t listen to pop music anymore, classical and jazz are my preferences these days, I still play the guitar. I’m probably one of those few guitarists who can actually read music. I’m not into performing, so that was pretty much out of the question: being shy and introverted.

I have ten years before I can retire, and the thought that I’ll have to endure my
present job as Dental Claims processor for a health insurance company that
long fills me with trepidation.

I don’t care to be promoted or transferred to another different job.

 I’ve always been the guy who can name the Marlon Brando movie where he plays a sheriff who gets beaten to a pulp, or who wrote a particular Elvis Presley song. I’m a walking encyclopedia of useless information. I’ve studied acting, learned Tai Chi Chuan, taken painting classes, and wrote a very bad novel.

I’m a jack of all trades, master of none-a Renaissance man with no real expertise. I’ve always enjoyed researching things that I take a liking to. If I want to learn about black holes then I’ll read up on them. If I like a particular musician then I’ll delve into his background, etc.

I’ve always been good with money, but I trust that doing accounting work would in the end be just another job.

How does one parlay all of this into an “unreal” job?

Thank you for your time and your book.



This was my response to about "How do I find my unreal job of dream career?": 


Hello Jose:

Thanks for you e-mail and thanks for the compliments about my book "Real
Success Without a Real Job" and my writing.

You ask, "How does one parlay all your experience and talent into an unreal

You say that you have always been good with money.

Do you know how many people are bad with money?

Likely over 75 percent of the population. There will always be opportunities
for creating books, CDs, software, websites to help people who have trouble
handling money.

Yes, there is a lot of books about handling money but there is also roo

Just today there was study released that American baby boomers and retirees
are more afraid of being destitute than of dying.

There are also great opportunities for creating websites and other products
in other areas that you are interested in.

You just have to learn the principles.

For interest's sake, here is a link to one of my blog entries on Redroom.com
about a guy who wrote to me from Cuba.
The point is that this guy in Cuba is trying to be an entrepreneur and not
giving up even though he was thrown in jail for trying to do so.

Here is the most important information that I am giving you, however.

My present hero is Brendon Burchard, who I think is the most brilliant guy
in the writing, seminars, speakings, online marketing.

These areas all relate to unreal jobs, since everyone is an expert on

I first saw Brendon do a one-hour presentation in New York last may at

I then attended a two-day Author101University event in Las Vegas last
October just to hear Brendon speak again and to have an opportunity to sign
up for his 3-day Sponsorship / Partnership seminar in Redwood City in March
this year.

All I can say is WOW! This Brendon guy is amazing and anyone who can't learn
from him has to be truly resistant or lazy.

Brendon Burchard had to declare bankruptcy two years ago after someone sued

Get this: Brendon was broke two years ago and since then he has made over
4.6 million dollars in the writing, speaking, coaching, Internet businesses.

This just proves there is amazing opportunity and the validity of one of my
favorite quotes of all time:

Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.
  - Norman Vincent Peale

You to should watch the 5 free videos that Brendon used to promote his
Experts Academy Online package.

These videos have a lot of valuable material but don't come close to his
Experts Academy Online and his live events like the Partnership Seminar that
I just attended in Redwood City.

The videos may come down real quick because Brendon sold out the Experts
Academy Online which includes a ticket to 4-day Experts Academy Seminar
either in June or October.

My friend Kashal from San Diego and I am going in October because the
Experts Academy Online training is so good that we can wait until October to
hear Brendon live again.

Check out the videos at:






One important note: Guru Tony Robins now uses Brendon as a personal coach.
Brendon charges $3,500 an hour for consulting and $35,000 a year for a
continuing coaching program, but you can't get in even if you have the money
because there is at least a year waiting time because he is so booked up.

The key is to sign up for either Brendon's live 4-day Experts Academy

I hope this helps.

I will also send you some information about one of my other mentors whose
name is Eben Pagan.

Ernie J. Zelinski
Best-Selling Author, Innovator, and Unconventional Career Expert
Author of the Bestseller How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free
(Over 125,000 copies sold and published in 9 languages)
and the International Bestseller The Joy of Not Working
(Over 250,000 copies sold and published in 17 languages)

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