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Writers and Entrepreneurs Do Not Know What Having It Bad Really Means 

Entrepreneurs Having It Bad

Whether you are an entrepreneur, writer, or retiree working in a retirement job, you may think that you are having a bad day. Indeed, all of us may be struggling with our projects at times but it is important to put things in proper perspective so you have even more reasons to never work in a real job. Let me make my point.

In January I received the following e-mail from a gentleman in Cuba:

Writers and Entrepreneurs Book   

----- Original Message ----- From: anabelherre

To: vip-books [at] telus.netSent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 11:37 PM

Subject: To Mr. Ernie Zelinski

Dear Mr. Ernie Zelinski

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Rolando, I just had the opportunity to read your book The Lazy Person's Guide to Success (in spanish) and believe me I am very glad and thankful you for this wonderful book,

I found reflected myself in your book, I am a Cuban, and live here in Cuba, and after many years working for the Gov. entity, having no time even to share with my little daughter, I understood that I can work as a freelance. even here in my country, where, unfortunatelly, everything you do can be unlegal, and the private iniciative is not stimulated by the Gov.

I am 49 years old, but I am not afraid to start again, and your book encourage me a lot, I want to thank you for your life style approach, that really help me in taken some decision, next summer I will travel to Russia, I have a son there, and I will try to get your book The Joy of Not Working: A Book for the Retired, Unemployed, and Overworked, unfortunatelly I can not get it from here, and we have no free access to internet,

Thank you again for your helpful advises in your book,

Best wishes in this 2010 year, the best for you and your family,



I sent an e-mail back to Rolando indicating that I likely had another book in Spanish that I could send to him given that I have had at least ten books published in Spanish.

He immediately replied that he was surprised that I would even respond to him. After I realized that I did not have a spare Spanish edition of either How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free or The Joy of Not Working, I found a spare copy of the Spanish edition of my book Career Success Without a Real Job:


One of the other reasons I took so long to send it to him was that I wasn't sure it would reach him given what I had heard about the Cuban mail system. But eventually I spent the $14.00 for airmail and sent the book to him.

Here is the subsequent e-mail (totally unedited as the one above) that I recently received from Rolando:




From: anabelherre To: Ernie Zelinski 
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 7:58 PM Subject: Re: Reply from Ernie J. Zelinski

 Dear Mr. Zelinski

I just reveived the autographed copy of your wonderful book Career Success Without a Real Job in Spanish, THANK YOU!!! very much, you are very kind, and I always will be grateful and remember this,

As I wrote you, your book The Lazy Person's Guide to Success help me very much, after many years working for the goverment, as the Director of the Nautical Charting Agency of Cuba, & one day they found that I do not deserve anymore be in this position, because I was working as Graphic Designer, on the "left hand" this is how we call here in Cuba, the unformal work, and 6 years ago was unlegal for the engineer cartographer and Director, to have 2 jobs, (since the last year was approved the new law, that accept that the universitary specialist can have 2 jobs, of course under many conditions)And for that reason I was in jail for 3 years (for the unlegal develop of private enterprise),

I had 3 years thinking about my future, and I really was more worry about my status as specialist than for the money, then, I start freelance working as Graphic Designer, the same I was doing unlegally, and your book really encourages me while I was in jail, when I was worry about my future, your book gave me strength,

You are living in the free world, but even here, Mr. Zelinski, in the country where the private initiative is chased and dangerously action, your book is very helpful, because gave the psicological approach to release your self and live your life with out the formal work, and the most important: happy and with more time for you and your family & friends.

I planning fly to Russia next summer (I have a son there) , and then attend the invitation to work in Canada, as Nautical Cartographer, In any case I will be always in contact with you and your wonderful books, Thank you again for your kind desicion of sending me an autograpohed book,

If you agree I want to send later my comments after reading your book,

You very grateful Cuban reader,


So my point is: We may think we have it tough at times. Big Deal!

Think you are having a bad day?/ Compared to what? Rolando spent three years in jail for trying to be an entrepreneur .

And here is the subsequent e-mail (totally unedited as the two above) that I last received from Roland: 



 Career Success Without a Real Job Image #A


Dear Mr. Zelinski,

I finished to read your book Career Success Without a Real Job, that you kindly and unforgettably sent to me this year, together with the group of my friends that shares the same idea of optimize our time toward to enjoy life more creative, that allows us to dispose of more time to share with our favorite persons and activities, and at the same time create  sufficient financial resources to sustain this life style. This is not an “utopia”, even for persons that resides in countries with the very limited life and job options, like unfortunatelly is the case of my country.

I leave back, and I hope forever, the days when I worked 10 hours and more for the goverment enterprise, with unproductive night & weekend work meetings, that consume the few hours I could be with my little daugther. Since I work for my self (I started 7 years ago) as freelance graphic designer, I understood that this is the real life style that entirely satisfy me, and allows me to arrange create new services to my clients, promote in my own way my design offers y have important time spaces to share with my favorite & important to me persons.

In a month I will travel to Russia to live temporarily there (I have a son in that country) and I will take your books with me ( The Lazy Persons Guide to Success and Career Success Without a Real Job As my “Bibles”, I am not sure what exactly expect to me in the near future,  but now I know what exactly I expect of life, and I will try to employ my self, with all my current skills and the skills that I still can acquire,  to live by my self, with me as a main boss and enjoy my life as well I can, next october will be my birthday (50 years old) and believe me I am feeling some fear to re-start my life, even in other latitudes, by I trust in me and trust in the life that already I know as a freelance and of course I know what makes me happy.

Wish me Good Luck.

I will try be in touch with you and I respectfully propose you be your graphic designer & illustrator for your next book, this I will do completaly free, it will be a pleasure and honor to me, because I feel that I am in debt with you for all the useful and valuable information that your books gave to me.


Thank you again and Good Luck for you too, Mr. Freedom! 


With my best regards,  


Rolando Feitó Sarduy 

Your Cuban friend.


P/S: Sorry for my english, I attached the text I wrote in spanish


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